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    Electric boiler ERAFLYME 4LR

Electric boiler to battery 1300 W

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Buing from us, you get a device with a temperature controller, which, while ensuring high comfort, does not consume a single extra kilowatt of electricity!



Electric boiler 

consists of a 1300 W heating element and an ERAFLYME 4LR thermostat.


Using a mini electric boiler to create an electric heating system will make your individual heating mobile, minimize heat loss and provide high thermal comfort in heated rooms.


To assemble electric heating, it is not necessary to link the batteries into one system with an electric boiler. In the heating boiler, the power required for all radiators is concentrated, therefore the heating element of the boiler is short-lived. You also need a place to install a boiler, an expansion tank.

The modern solution to this issue is the installation of electric boilers in each of the heating batteries. Installation of electric boilers in heating batteries, to create an electric heating system without pipes, is easy to do with your own hands. Moreover, the need to purchase expensive equipment for the installation and linking of heating to the circulation system disappears altogether.

The advantages of a heating system with an electric boiler in each battery:

  • does not require additional purchase of equipment for the installation of the system (pipes, mixing valves, pumps, etc.);
  • does not take up much space;
  • DIY installation, at no extra cost;
  • does not require expensive maintenance;
  • much cheaper than other heating systems;
  • does not emit combustion products, does not change the composition of the air and does not burn out oxygen.

Instructions for installing the electric boiler into the battery

You only need a battery section, an electric boiler (thermostat + heating element) and a coolant. For the presented power of the heating element - 650 W, a battery with the number of sections - 5-7 is suitable. An already assembled battery with an electric boiler can heat a room up to 12 m². To the thermostat, you can select the heating element power required for your room up to 1.3 kW. Thus, after calculating the required heating power (based on the area and heat loss), it is possible to distribute heating batteries as efficiently as possible.

Power (220V)

For heating element (in the radiator)

Number of sections (width 80 mm)

Heating area (height up to 3 m)

390 Vt 220 mm 3 – 4 
до 7 m2
650 Vt 380 mm 5 – 7 
до 12 m2
910 Vt 540 mm 7 – 9 
до 16 m2
1300 Vt 780 mm 10 – 12 
до 24 m2

The functionality of the heating system with an electric boiler in each battery:

  • Locking / unlocking buttons.
  • Room temperature setting.
  • Setting the maximum surface temperature of the heater.
  • Room temperature control.
  • Surface temperature control heater.
  • Climate control.
  • Half power function.
  • Heating on a schedule.
  • Possibility of a daily / weekly cycle program.
  • Minimization of energy losses.


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Power 650 W
Heating area 12 m²

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