Electric heating

Economical Electric Heating ERAFLYME

Eraflyme heaters are the solution to all heating problems. Heaters can be used not only for additional heating (as an aid to the main, or in the off-season), but also as the main electric heating, completely autonomous. The temperature controller in the heater acts as a mini-boiler, which allows you to install an autonomous heating system in apartment, in the country, as well as in the office. Flyme heaters are suitable for the licensing system for obtaining electric heating contracts.

The advantages of such heating are significant:

  • Heating without boiler and pipes.
  • Installing the system without problems (just plug it into an outlet, and configure the heater for yourself).
  • It does not require expensive maintenance.
  • Significantly cheaper than other heating systems.
  • Consumes electricity as needed (saving your money).

We can conclude that today electric heating without a boiler and pipes is not only real, but also a more modern and convenient alternative to boilers and heat pumps that are a thing of the past.

We offer a wide selection of heating appliances. They all differ in type and method of heating, which makes it possible to choose a heater for absolutely any conditions and types of premises. All heaters are made of quality materials, and the built-in automation is durable.

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