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    SmartAir ICE air conditioner

SmartAir ICE air conditioner

  • 378.88€
Pay attention!


Buing from us, you get a device with a temperature controller, which, while ensuring high comfort, does not consume a single extra kilowatt of electricity!



The perfect microclimate is always with you

SmartAir ICE ZCE-07-OZ1/Y22 is your reliable companion in creating a comfortable atmosphere in your home or office. Forget about the heat of summer and the cold of winter days - this air conditioner will do everything for you.

Quiet and efficient operation
Thanks to the low noise level, you can enjoy the peace and comfort of your room even when the air conditioner is running at full capacity.

Adapting to your comfort
The I Feel function automatically adjusts the temperature to match your preferences and create the perfect environment for you.

Effortlessly healthy air
The negative ion filter and air ionization technology help create a fresh and clean environment, contributing to your health and comfort.

Maximum functionality
From automatic defrosting to power surge protection, this air conditioner is equipped with everything you need to operate reliably and efficiently.

Design that meets your needs
The stylish and compact design of the SmartAir ICE ZCE-07-OZ1/Y22 air conditioner meets modern trends and adds an aesthetic layer to your interior.

Control from a distance
A convenient remote control and the ability to install a Wi-Fi module allow you to control the air conditioner from anywhere in the world, providing maximum comfort and energy efficiency.


Vendor code:
Product Code:I-07-OAO2/Y24
Availability:In Stock
Work type Cold-heat
Wi-Fi control: Yes
Compressor type ordinary
Type of refrigerant R-410A
Recommended floor area 15-20 м2
Dimensions of indoor unit, (mm) W / H / D 690x283x199
Dimensions of the outdoor unit, (mm) W / H / D 665x500x280
Warranty, months 24

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